Welcome to MCF
Some enthusiastic, selfless and philanthropic people of the Mandpeshwar area of the fast growing suburb of Borivli have for quite some time been toying with the idea of forming an organisation to work for creating some recreation facilities to the multitude of all age groups and also to solve the common civic problems under one platform. The vacant plot of land near the Mandpeshwar Industrial Estate earmarked for development into a garden and play ground by the Bombay Municipal Corporation but lying idle for several years now has been the focal point of these philanthropic people. Keeping this in view, Mandpeshwar Civic Federation was formed in 1987.


The membership of the Federation is open to the residents of the locality as specified in the Bye-Laws of the Federation. The membership of the Swimming Pool- cum - Sports Complex is open to public at large.

Unique Body:

The Federation is unique and is perhaps the only one of its kind in the whole of Bombay, because its membership and management come mostly from the middle class people, and its only consideration is to render selfless service to the people especially in the context of ever-increasing environmental hazards arising out of urbanisation.


Mandpeshwar Civic Federation is a registered body under the Societies Act and is also registered with the Charity Commissioner. The Federation is also eligible for tax exemptions under Section 80 G of the Income - Tax Act. We have our bye-laws registered and also approved by our members. The affairs of the Federation is managed by the Managing Committee consisting of 13 elected members and 4 co-opted members.